The Crap-O-Rama research and development division team has risked life and limb to bring you this Miracle Elixer Hot Sauce.  This sauce is the answer to all your problems, and will make your sad ordinary life much more interesting.  This top secret and highly sought after hot sauce gets its healing properties from its highly rare ingredients extracted from some of the most dangerous regions of remote Borneo jungles by the Umtutu tribe.


Louisiana style, garlic forward hot sauce with a silky texture and the right amount of heat. Made with fresh all natural ingredients.  Pairs well with burgers, chicken fingers, pepperoni, scrambled eggs or any food you want to make better!  --Heat Level 2/10

Miracle Elixer Hot Sauce


    For lovers of: Tiki, eyeballs, robots, exploitation cinema, exotica, monsters, occult, horror, sci-fi, vintage design, creature features, oddities, hot rods, burlesque, skulls, goons, fiends, upright bass, weirdos, oddball, demons, lowbrow art, sideshow, flames, gothic, shrunken heads, psychobilly, sexploitation, rockabilly, Polynesia, kustom kulture, mid century modern, freakshow gaffs, and all strange, obscure, weird, unusual and long forgotten fringe pop culture.

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