New Old Stock!  Very hard-to-find KLUTZ toy, made in 1971 by Executive Games in Boston. Troll-like head with a HUGE amount of hair that you can pull and shape in wild ways (we didn't because he's new in the box)   Hang it from the ceiling in your party pad!  Condition: NOS with original box included!  Item is in excellent condition. The box measures 6 inches x 6 inches x 3.25 inches. Harry the Hippie hangs down on his permanently-attached spring, hanging about 3 feet, and bouncing to 4 feet or so. Will mail by U.S. Priority Mail with delivery confirmation, packaged protectively in a separate cardboard box.

Vintage Klutz Weirdo


    For lovers of: Tiki, eyeballs, robots, exploitation cinema, exotica, monsters, occult, horror, sci-fi, vintage design, creature features, oddities, hot rods, burlesque, skulls, goons, fiends, upright bass, weirdos, oddball, demons, lowbrow art, sideshow, flames, gothic, shrunken heads, psychobilly, sexploitation, rockabilly, Polynesia, kustom kulture, mid century modern, freakshow gaffs, and all strange, obscure, weird, unusual and long forgotten fringe pop culture.

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