Bob Fucking LAZAR!!!   Preach my brother.... The truth is out there. 


These shirts are of the same great quality as all of the rest of our t-shirts.  The cost is only lower because I'm trying to help get the truth out there with Bob, and do my part.  So now you do your part and buy this shirt, so we can all get the truth out there together.   


Gildan Brand T-Shirt, Other shirt brands, and womens shirts are available upon request.  Talk to me... I'm 6'6" and looks like a yetti... but I won't bite.  

Bob Lazar T-Shirt

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    For lovers of: Tiki, eyeballs, robots, exploitation cinema, exotica, monsters, occult, horror, sci-fi, vintage design, creature features, oddities, hot rods, burlesque, skulls, goons, fiends, upright bass, weirdos, oddball, demons, lowbrow art, sideshow, flames, gothic, shrunken heads, psychobilly, sexploitation, rockabilly, Polynesia, kustom kulture, mid century modern, freakshow gaffs, and all strange, obscure, weird, unusual and long forgotten fringe pop culture.

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