Ed Gein used to work part-time, selling door-to-door for the Crap-O-Rama Corporation.  Solid guy, except for some of that other shit he got into.


Ed Gein's 1949 Ford SEDAN actually became a sideshow attraction in 1958!! Bunny Gibbons bought the car at auction for $760 dollars and charged fair-goers 25 cents to see it and look in the trunk where the bodies were transported. This reproduction banner was re-imagined by @deathray.design artist Jason Lonon, based on the photo in this post.


All Crap-O-Rama Sideshow banners are printed on 13oz heavy duty outdoor vinyl, and feature razor sharp detail no matter what size you order.  Although these reproductions are new, they're often mistaken for original hand-painted banners when seen in person.


This premium 13oz. scrim vinyl banner is a digitally printed replica of the original, and comes with brass grommets in all 4 corners, plus every 2 feet for easy hanging.  

Ed Gein's Ghoul Car Sideshow Banner

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