It took quite a long time for us to conjure Marshall Applewhite to get the offical licensing contract approved, but we finally did it!!  So here's the first of our scheduled Heaven's Gate items for you.  


INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:   Make as little skin contact with this item as possible while mounting to your desired surface. Prep smooth surface by cleaning and drying.  Crap-O-Rama, and all of it's affiliate partners,  assume no liability for subcutaneous psychological osmosis during handling.  


Despite having the word "crap" in our brand name, we'll never sell products that will disappoint you when they arrive.  That's why we make all our stickers on vinyl and not paper.  

Heaven's Gate Cult Stickers

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    For lovers of: Tiki, eyeballs, robots, exploitation cinema, exotica, monsters, occult, horror, sci-fi, vintage design, creature features, oddities, hot rods, burlesque, skulls, goons, fiends, upright bass, weirdos, oddball, demons, lowbrow art, sideshow, flames, gothic, shrunken heads, psychobilly, sexploitation, rockabilly, Polynesia, kustom kulture, mid century modern, freakshow gaffs, and all strange, obscure, weird, unusual and long forgotten fringe pop culture.

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