Release yourself from liabilities related to your home defense systems with this friendly little reminder to your neighbors and those pesky kids that walk across your lawn.  If you're anything like us, you're not keen on kreeps rolling up on your joint un-announced... with this little gem, you can let everyone know your thoughts on the subject.


Sign Material: 4mm Corrugated Plastic

Dimensions: 24 inches wide by 18 inches tall

Sides: Double Sided, Same Image on Reverse

Mounting: Comes with Wire H-Stake

Land Mines Yard Sign


    For lovers of: Tiki, eyeballs, robots, exploitation cinema, exotica, monsters, occult, horror, sci-fi, vintage design, creature features, oddities, hot rods, burlesque, skulls, goons, fiends, upright bass, weirdos, oddball, demons, lowbrow art, sideshow, flames, gothic, shrunken heads, psychobilly, sexploitation, rockabilly, Polynesia, kustom kulture, mid century modern, freakshow gaffs, and all strange, obscure, weird, unusual and long forgotten fringe pop culture.

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